Playing Total War: Shogun 2

War combined with the Feudal Era concept results into nothing but one of the best and intriguing concept there is especially for video game for strategies. Total War: Shogun 2 is basically the living proof of this concept, reeling in tons of players and gaining vast amount of positive feedbacks which earned it 90 percent in Metacritic and 89 percent in Gamerankings review. It is gloriously claimed to be the best sequel on the Total War collections as stated by Daniel Shannon - a reviewer from GameSpot. It further received awards for being the best strategy game and has sold over 600,000 copies within North America and Europe by March 31, 2011.

The game was developed and created by 'The Creative Assembly' and was later published by the renowned Sega Corporation. It is part of the series entitled 'Total War' and occurs on the settings of Japan during the 16th century. More specifically, it happens on the Ashikaga Shogunate, after the consequences due to the Onin War. The aftermaths of the war caused for the fragmentation of the society to various clans led by warlords who each seeks domination over Japan. You will then be given the choice to manage one of these clans and try to conquer various clans and rule Japan. Eight clans will be served to you in the standard edition while the limited edition features an astounding ninja clan while the DLC will give you the Ikko-Ikki which is the tenth clan.

The game was distributed on the year 2011, March 15 and from then on, it continuously garnered applauds and positive reviews from its players. It is often describe to be simple yet refined, giving maximum satisfaction to players. By 2012, an expansion of Total War: Shogun 2 was released entitled 'Fall of the Samurai'.

The gameplay of shogun 2 is superb as well, serving the player the role of being both general and leader of the clan. The array of choices for your decisions inside the game is quite wide as well and is not limited to fighting alone. It allows you to manage your clan like in the real world, wherein you can even set out spies and suggest diplomacy. You can also search each clans involved in the game, and you will definitely observe that it is balanced and well-described. All in all, the game received a critically acclaimed status which is definitely enough for you to try and indulge yourself with its grandeur.