Historical Strategy Games And A Couple Of Others To Check Out Now!

When looking at some of the best strategy games around one really starts getting excited at some of the different games that are coming out and still there are even older games that have been refined or even improved. There are historical strategy games that start way back in time and evolve as the planet and civilization does.

Of course there's lots of other type games other than historical strategy games, If one's tinkering about on things such as tactics and strategies, sometimes the quality of graphics is unimportant, as one's totally absorbed in their gaming time. Top quality core mechanics are crucial in making everything tick, and with that said, here are a couple of games to consider that should bring an exciting experience to life.

Civilization V

For the new player, the Civ series offers an excellent set of tutorials to guild them on the way, as well as a strong set of tool tips that will guide through each decision. The decisions faced are many, social political, military and economical and in this human history game, the player guides people from the Stone Age up to the modern days and beyond.

Tropico 4

Now here's a city builder that's got some real charm. Here the player is a dictator of a Caribbean island Banana Republic, and the job on hand is to guide the island out of poverty and turn it into a land of milk and money. There will be many ways to do this as soon will be revealed!

There are plenty of historical strategy games one can play, but how many new games can be played on a regular basis? It has to be limited, especially if one wants to develop their skills at being the best they can be at the games they already have.

Is it best just to have one or two favorites that one pretty much sticks to all the time, or keep adding new games to the pile each month?

It's good to keep abreast of the latest & greatest out there, although one will always have their favorites close to heart. Of course and why not, that's the way to get good, but it doesn't hurt to take a look to see what's about, there's certainly some brand new eye openers out there, surely a few minutes wouldn't hurt, would it?