Civilization 5: Your Civilization through Time

Continuing the critically acclaimed series, Civilization, comes a new sequel Civilization 5 of Sid Meier which will surely give you the satisfaction beyond what its preceding versions have managed to serve you with. The game is a video game with 4X genre, which is a type of strategy game meaning - explore, expand, exploit and exterminate, thus the 4X. The goal of the game is for you, the player, to lead a civilization through thousands of years, from prehistoric era up to the future era, wherein you'll be able to make progress using real-life processes and choices like diplomacy, expansion, military conquest, economic development, exploration and research.

There are many features from the previous sequel Civilization 4 which was changed or removed with the goal to make the game better. The game also runs in a uniquely new engine, different from what it originally has, wherein the tiles even changed from being squares to hexagonal. The system for combat was also totally renewed so that no military stacking are made and cities can even fire at enemies directly for defensive purposes.

There are also other cities and states which are controlled by artificial intelligence or by computers, giving you more choices to develop your civilization - through diplomacy or conquering various cities you find. There are also further expansions of the game released such as the Gods and Kings and the Brave New World, which were released on June 19, 2012 and March 12, 2013 respectively. There are certain conditions on the game which will spell out your victory. If none of these conditions were met until the end of the game, the civilization who gained the most points will turn out to be the triumphant city. The game is also based on turn-strategy which means that you'll have to make decisions that will make you triumphant during your turn.

The conditions to win Civilization 5 include - conquering other civilizations, being able to reach another planet, convincing other civilizations through diplomatic acts, becoming one of the most influential in terms of tourism, and many more. The game all in all, received positive feedbacks from its players, even getting a 90/100 score from the Metacritic Review and an astounding 89.17% from GameRankings. Though there might have been others who viewed the game with criticisms, I believe that it is for you to find out, whether the game is something that will fit your taste or not.