Total War: Rome 2 - A Classic War Game That Now Over Delivers wow!

Published by Sega and developed by The Creative Assembly, Total War: Rome 2 is a successor to their game Rome: Total War. As far as their Total War series goes, this is their eighth standalone offering.

There are numerous battle types available here in Total War: Rome 2 and the creators have done their best to ensure the uniqueness of different fighting forces and cultures during these ancient times.

As they say a disciplined Roman legion would have a totally different feel and look to it than that of a tribe of British Barbarians. Different technologies and agents are deployed for different factions and there's in excess of five hundred diverse land units available during the game, some of which are returning mercenaries, from Rome 2's forerunner.

Added to traditional field battles and sieges, there are now numerous battle types in Rome 2. Some of these battle types, are listed as follows:

Siege Battles

In readiness for the assault, siege equipment can be built by the attacker. In these encounters there will be multiple capture points within the cities that will need to be defended in order to win these skirmishes. This type of battle occurs when a fortified settlement or provincial capital come under attack.


The Ambushes in Total War: Rome 2 have been revamped and have a different feel than previously. Traps using such things as spikes, and flaming boulders and the likes are now available to the ambushing army, whilst those defending need to find a way out to escape, or destroy their attackers to win the conflict.

River Battles

River battles ensue when a major river is tackled by the army and another army tries to foil their crossing. Navies can join in the battle with armies capable of building their own transport ships.

With parts of this game completely redesigned by The Creative Assembly, it has already eclipsed all the other games in the Total War series in both number of concurrent players and sales on its release day. An amazing experience awaits those who are yet to familiarize themselves with Total War: Rome 2. This game seriously over delivers, be prepared to expect the unexpected, it is war after all!