The Best Strategy-Based Games

Games that require strategy and planning are really attractive to most of the players. Thus, strategy-based games are usually preferred compared to the games of luck. Strategizing on the games may help players to gain some edge and higher chances of winning. This is why some players look so amazing in winning particular strategy-based games. With some practice and research, these strategy-based games can be learned and mastered.

Different games can be considered as strategy-based. There are video games, casino games, computer games, and even board games. All these can be manipulated by the skilled players in order for them to land a great win.

Video Games

Most of the video games available for PlayStation can be practiced and planned. There are even tutorials on different games such X-COM, Warcraft, and the likes. Tutorials often discuss where the secret weapons are located, or how to defeat the monster of the game. With such knowledge, players may execute a nice plan on how they can easily win the game.

It takes a skilful thinking in order to conquer this type of game. There are plenty of ways to categorize the vast number of available strategy-based video games in the market. Players may choose whether they prefer a turn-based or real-time, single player or multiple players, and so on. Such games usually involve conflicts between opposing groups or units. Players may also upgrade their resource during the game and they are all part of the strategy.

Casino Games

There is a myth that casino games are all about player's luck, but this is not necessarily true. In fact, there are many casino games that can be learned in order to gain some house edge. Take for example the casino from 32red, which runs several strategy-based games on their site. Such online casino has a wide range of choices for different types of players. From newbie to pro, there is definitely a game that perfectly fits the player's preference.

Similar with other strategy-based games, casino games can be studied to determine some tricks to win the game. Card games such as blackjack and poker are usually the ones that can be easily practiced, but other games like roulette can also be calculated.


In this card game, players aim to get cards which values add up to 21. It is necessary not to go beyond the said number. The player with the hand value that is closest to 21 will win the game. Thus, it takes a lot of planning on how to read the cards of the players and the remaining cards on the deck.

Different cheat sheets on how to win blackjack are available online. However, players should also consider the number of decks being played and the rules of the kind of blackjack they are playing. Keeping these things in mind can help players win the game.


Making a decision is a very crucial part in strategizing poker. Since poker is a mathematical game, it includes clever thinking beyond the cards displayed on the deck. The cards will determine the right decision that a player should make during the game.

There are various ways to strategize poker. A player's style could be tight wherein he or she avoids taking too many risk, or loose wherein the player does not mind gambling more. There is also an aggressive approach in putting larger bet to pressure the co-players, and a passive approach which is exactly the opposite. Another strategy in playing poker is bluffing. However, this method is not advisable to the newbies because it takes time to pull off a successful bluff on the game.


One of the most common strategies in playing roulette is the martingale. It is about putting twice as much as your previous bet after a loss. Such method will help players cover their losses. Another way to win roulette is to bet on a machine with small minimum bet. This strategy sounds too simple, but it will absolutely help players in the long run.

#h2 Computer Games #/h2

Those games found in our personal computers can be practiced too. Finding the right steps and turns can assist the players in acing the game. Computer games are almost similar with video games. They are mostly about a saga or a kind of fight to win. Some of the popular names in the world of computer games are StarCraft, Total War, and Civilization.

Strategy-based computer games also attract players because of its cool animation and effects. It makes the game really interesting and mindboggling.

Board Games

Among all the games mentioned here, board games such as Monopoly are the most prominent ones that use strategy. Board games are usually considered as mind games. Skills are very important to outstand the co-players in this type of game.

When choosing the strategy-based board games, start with these most recommended ones:

  • Chess
  • Scrabble
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Sequence
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Monopoly

Some of these are known to everyone and people are having it as a hobby or as a mind exercise. Strategizing on these games will definitely make some fun time.