Details about Company of Heroes 2

With the power of Relic Entertainment along with Sega, comes a new highly commended and extremely applauded game, Company of Heroes 2 which is the most-awaited sequel to the renowned Company of heroes released on the year 2006. It is a video game involving real-time strategies for Windows which will surely blow your minds out. The original version of the game, company of heroes, is set on the environment of the Second World War wherein this new version also occurs on the same timeline, but with a different focus where players are set to control the army of Soviet on the battle of Eastern Front - with the Battle of Berlin, Operation Barbossa and many more astounding set-ups and story line.

The game runs with the exclusive game engine, Essence 3.0, of Relic Entertainment which Sega acquired on January 2013 whereas the actual game was released for players to revel in it on June 25, 2013 within the borders of Europe and North America. The game will revolve around the narration made by the Lieutenant from the Soviet, Lev Abramovich Isakovich, who was barred on 1952 in Siberia. His senior superior officer who's a colonel of the army, debriefs him about the experiences he encountered during the cruel and unrelenting war from the Battle that happened on Stallingrad to the surprising fall of Reichstag.

The gameplay of the game is highly commendable as well - from the Resources you can explore and obtain, buildings involved, combat mechanics you can use, the TrueSight System, the Weather within the game, the Theatre of War, Order 227, up to the Downloadable contents for the game , all are nothing but the best you can experience.

The game was first announced by THQ, but due to the bankruptcy they went through, they were forced to put in auction the Relic Entertainment which Sega successfully obtained. The game earned lots of positive reviews, but it further received criticisms for the set-up of the game - which some, especially Russians, viewed to be a negative portrayal of the war which their country has fought for. In the claim of Sega, saying that they take this in a very serious way, has stopped the distribution of this wonderful game on July 26, 2013. However, Company of Heroes 2 has successfully managed to sell about 680,000 copies within the borders of North America and Europe, recorded on March 31,2014.