Pride Of Nations Pushes Geopolitical Gaming To Its Limits

Get ready for a lengthy strategic campaign spanning 70 years of geopolitical relations through the Victorian era of Great Britain's expansion and colonization of as much of the world as possible in AGEOD's Pride of Nations. Pride of nations was so popular in its time that many software developers that make war-themed casino slot games were inspired by it. These games are enticing for all Pride of Nation fans, offering unique gameplay and big money prizes. You can try them in Wild Vegas casino by visiting this site where you can free bonus to play them. This game of world domination will take more strategic thinking and planning than most games of similar play style as many techniques used to conquer elsewhere will likely fail faster than they can be implemented.

Players who amass a large army quickly and throw it at the weak borders of their slowly progressing neighboring opponents, as can be done in games such as Sid Meyer's Civilization series, will likely see revolts and uprisings that will tear down their forces and leave them defenseless. Those who take the challenge of starting as a civilization not known as being a world superpower, such as tribes in Africa and the Americas are in for a surprise if they take previous video game experience into Pride of Nations and see themselves quickly swept from the pages of history.

There are a seemingly innumerable amount of calculations that happen behind the scenes after each turn which amounts to the happenings of 15 days in game time and meaning that a game can last well over 2100 turns if played for the entire length of the given time span. This means that after a player ends their time shuffling resources, engaging in political discourse, researching new technologies, and waging wars, among other actions, there can be a lengthy wait time for the computer to catch up and pass control to the next seat.

Some factions start with practically nothing, making for a steep learning curve, and will have to use their cunning to advance and avoid the iron fists of powerhouses like Great Britain which start with established footholds that give wealth and influence across great portions of the world. There are times when situations will seem to come to an impasse which requires the play of mini games similar to poker in which territorial disputes are settled and a small error in judgment can start a downward spiral, shedding prestige, power, and even starting war across the entire planet.

Additional Options to change it up!

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Be forewarned as you send out your first exploration expeditions, field armies, dispatch war ships, and start pushing foreign societies towards religions conversion; with a strategy video game as in depth and sprawlingly huge as Pride of Nations, this may take a while.