The Best Casino War Strategy

Simple card games are both interesting, fun and easy to learn. One of these which you may probably already had a chance to play even when you're still a young one is the comparing card game, the War, which most definitely belongs to the basic types of card games. This game will serve each of its players a card. Since it's a comparing game, the one who rules the other in rank is the one who attains victory. It definitely seem like it gives an equal platform for the players, but since it's a casino game, it is expected that there'll be a way for them to get the edge they need. Likewise, equipping yourself with knowledge and proper Casino War Strategy will earn you the edge you need as well.

The table on which the game 'War' is played is like the Blackjack table where the other side bears the dealer while opposite of the dealer are the players. A bet is made first, and the cards are finally given to both dealer and players, afterwards, the cards are collated and you win if you possess a higher ranked card compared to the dealer. It is definitely a fair game for both the parties, but what happens when a game ties is what delivers an edge to the dealer.

When a tie occurs, you will be required to hand down a bet which is the same as your first bet in order for you to fight for the tie game. Then, dead cards are dealt for the dealer and player and finally, a face up card for each which will spell out the winner. Unfortunately, when the dealer gains victory, he receives both the bets you placed, while you will only win the size of the original bet.

When a tie happens, you may either go for war or surrender, in which case you'll lose half of the bet you made. You may also put another bet that a tie may occur, in which case you'll only be giving a high amount of edge to the establishment. There are only two choices for you to make in case a tie occurs, and what better way is there other than to go to war and fight for your money which gives the house a 2.88 advantage rather than 3.7% when you surrender. A simple yet appealing way of casino war strategy, to fight and never surrender. It may be a simple and boring game, but feel free to try and indulge yourself in it.